Thursday, August 21, 2008

early Thursday links are listing

A few links for your Thursday -- alack, today's D-Day for the football tab, which means workworkworkworkwork until sometime late this afternoon.
In any case, some new lists are up, which means analysis, etc.

-- Mgoblog is the host for the preseason blog poll. Not surprisingly, it looks almost exactly like the ones those awful media types put together.
-- G&B Attack ranks the SEC's best coaches. Frankly, at this point, you could throw 10 of them in a bowl and draw names and get the same results.
-- I did take some umbrage with Mark Bradley's rankings of SEC fans, if only because he actually wrote the words "LSU fans are polite." It bothers me that anyone not from Louisiana thinks that way.

Moving on ...
-- I know you can't control what people write in the commentary sections of your blog, but what some Alabama "fans" write in the commentary for Ian Rapaport's blog about the UA stationary situation is truly bizarre. Really, are people this stupid?
-- Finally, BSR takes another run at 'Bama's scholarship situation.


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