Thursday, October 16, 2008

lines, lines, everywhere a line

Random thought #1: After watching the highlights of the Phils clinching the National League last night at Chavez Ravine, I have to think it's a little weird that Brad Lidge has gone the entire season without blowing even one save opportunity. Really? That's not even a little strange, particularly given his history?

Random thought #2: Be sure to check out my "behind enemy lines" post at Yes, my friend Kurt is a shameless Aub provacateur, and yes, he's not above promoting himself and his own blog relentlessly. You can read it for my sake, no? OK ... maybe not.

In any case, here are this weekend's lines, coming -- as always -- direct from

Florida St. (-11) at NC State
BYU (-1) at TCU
Hawai'i (+24.5) at Boise St.
Syracuse (+24) at South Florida
Wisconsin (+3.5) at Iowa
Purdue (+4) at Northwestern
Ga. Tech (-2) at Clemson
(Note: Clemson's fallen quite a ways from the beginning of the season -- from potential NC contenders to getting two points AT HOME against Tech. By the way, check out Dr. Saturday's blog post about the ACC, and how the championship is basically still wide open halfway through the season.)
Texas Tech (-21) at Texas A&M
(Note: Speaking of falling a long way -- the Texas Aggies GETTING three touchdowns at home? Yikes.)
Wake Forest (-2) at Maryland
UConn (-1.5) at Rutgers
Vanderbilt (+14.5) at Georgia
Nebraska (-7) at Iowa St.
Baylor (+17) at Oklahoma St.
North Carolina (-5) at Virginia
Pittsburgh (-3) at Navy
Ohio St. (-3.5) at Michigan St.
USC (-42.5) at Washington St.
Miami (-4.5) at Duke
Ole Miss (+13.5) at Alabama
(Note: Said this yesterday: stay away ... stay away ... stay away ...)
Kansas (+21) at Oklahoma
Marshall (-3) at UAB
Michigan (+23.5) at Penn St.
Arkansas (+8) at Kentucky
Mississippi St. (+7.5) at Tennessee
Va. Tech (+3) at Boston College
Missouri (+6) at Texas
LSU (-3.5) at South Carolina
California (-3) at Arizona


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