Wednesday, December 3, 2008

wednesday youtube is ready to roll ...

... Tide.

First, a quick review of how we got here in 2008.

Also, for those who don't know, here's a brief refresher on the history between the two schools, and this game: Alabama and Florida met in the SEC Championship Game in 1992, '93, '94, '96 and '99. Florida leads that portion of the series 3-2.

Some quick highlights of 'Bama's wins.
First, the '92 game -- no one attacked the Alabama defense better than the Gators did that day, and only Antonio Langham saved the game from a tie (or possible overtime, which didn't exist in 1992).

Second, the '99 game -- the two teams met for the second time that season, and people like me anticipated a loss. People like me were wrong.

Of course, the two teams didn't only meet in the championship game -- two of Alabama's more memorable victories in recent memory came against highly-ranked Florida teams.

The first came in 1999, the win that staved off Mike DuBose's death impending death sentence. In true DuBose fashion, the game was won in the weirdest way possible.

Speaking of people named Mike, the biggest win of Mike Shula's career came in 2005 ... against Urban Meyer and Florida.

Honestly, it upsets me a little to watch that clip, and only because of what happened to Tyrone Prothro later that afternoon (if you don't know, consider yourself lucky).
For the record, Florida recorded regular-season victories over Alabama in 1990, '91, '98 and 2006. No doubt Florida was the superior program through the 1990s.
I'll try to have some analysis of this year's version later on this week.


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