Sunday, July 18, 2010

Monday links: on the precipice

With Media Days beginning Wednesday in Hoover, here's a smattering of weekend links to prepare you.
(Worth noting: SEC Media Days is — are? — an appallingly boring event that receives the attention it does only because we're all soooo desperate for football. We're so thirsty for it, in fact, we ignore the fact that Media Days is little more than the same group of writers asking the same players and coaches the same questions they ask every other day. It's fun for, literally, about 10 minutes. Unfortunately, it lasts 3 days.)
— The biggest "duh" column of the weekend: Jon Solomon pointing out the SEC's status as a college football dynasty. As important: the money that is flowing with that kind of success. This goes back to what we wrote the other day: it's in everybody's best interest for everybody else to do well.
— Naturally, the team on most prominent display will be Alabama, the defending champs.
Consider the misguided predictions by those who cover the event. Since 1992, the media have picked the overall SEC champion right only four times.
But teams can go few places to match the exposure a visit to Hoover provides. Especially if you’re coming off a BCS championship and boast a Heisman Trophy running back. Especially if you’re Alabama.

— Speaking of 'Bama, I missed last week's biggest story: the University may soon extend the contract of AD Mal Moore. Interestingly, I caught one of FSN's "College Flash Classics" recently, LSU's monumental upset of defending national champ Alabama in 1993. Coordinating the offense that day: Mal Moore, who was summarily fired for being dull and unimaginative. Times have changed, indeed.
— Third on the list of "Best SEC Games in 2010" ... Auburn at 'Bama. If you think this is an excuse to show this video, you're absolutely right.

— Dr. Saturday wrapped up ACC Week by picking Va. Tech to win it ... and Duke to miss a bowl game. Damn it all.
— Finally, Ole Miss is continuing its embarrassing search to replace Col. Reb, narrowing the list to 5 hysterical mascots. Sadly, none is Giant Douche, Turd Sandwich or Admiral Ackbar.

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