Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday links: D-Day Edition

Of course it's cliched — what'd you want, really?

You may have noticed, but it's really hot outside. Consider this your excuse to stay inside a few extra minutes. You're welcome.

— Alabama's baseball team has fought to the death this weekend in Tallahassee; unfortunately, they're currently down to their last few outs in an 8-1 game vs. FSU and have run out of pitchers. The game was postponed until today due to weather.
Assuming the season ends today, the epitaph for this team will read much like the 2010 version: they're not particularly talented, but they kept coming and coming and never quit, only they didn't have the arms to get them through a postseason format. You have to admire them, even while you're secretly cursing Mitch Gaspard for overtaxing his starting rotation.
— The same cannot be said for the softball team, which was 1 win away from the College World Series final in Oklahoma City ... and got ambushed twice by Florida. While it's true there's no shame in finishing 56-10 and in the top 3-4 in the nation, Florida just looked like a much more aggressive team in Sunday's games, and our girls looked like a boxer who'd just been punched in the face and couldn't find his mouthpiece. That's tough to swallow under any circumstances.

— For football things, the most notable story last week was the SEC Presidents' vote to essentially ban oversigning, which was the subject of an endless Twitter debate last week at BSR. For more on the vote, read this Chris Low column. For an explanation of why we should probably start signing more Bigfoots, read Tower of Bammer.
— Speaking of "roster management," word has leaked that Opelika's Corey Grant may be transferring — tough loss there — which (probably) means an expanded role for Dee Hart.

— A few other short things: Andy Staples rates the best jobs in college football; the Intercollegiate Conference of Faculty Representatives chooses a site for its championship game; and CBS releases its 2011 college football schedule ... kinda.

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