Wednesday, March 14, 2012

some midweek links, with no Big Dance

Just a couple things I left out of Monday's edition. Will attempt to focus on tournament related things later.
(As an aside, last year I didn't fill out a bracket, and it's looking like I will probably hold off doing it this year. I have no idea how to explain this, except that I just enjoy watching the games in and of themselves, and stopping after every game to say, "Who did I have in this one?" makes them less enjoyable. It's probably just me. Actually, it's definitely just me. Anyway, on we go.)

— The Alabama baseball squad broke out of its slump last night with an 8-3 win over Southern Miss. It's always helpful to actually hit the ball and score runs. At least I think it is.
— Speaking of depressing baseball stories, while we're on the subject, you probably haven't been paying attention to this, but the dominant story for this Braves season — other than the impending third-place finish in the National League East — is Chipper Jones' slowly decomposing body. After giving an interview earlier this week discussing how sore he is, he has now counterpointed that he has no intention of "walking out on his team." Great, but he apparently looks awful.

— On to more pleasant things: the gymnastics squad hosted Missouri for a 2013 SEC preview, and won yet another road meet. Gerlaen Stack-Eaton — that's a great name, folks — received Gymnast of the Week honors in the aftermath.
 — Rounding things out with football: Mel Kiper predicts five first-rounders from the Capstone; Nick Saban's staff added Blount High head coach Kelvin Sigler to its staff; and Andy Staples has an SEC spring primer.

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