Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Tuesday tube: best year ever?

Things around here have, obviously, slowed down quite a bit. Until August, it's likely the only regular features you'll see around here are this one and my column for the St. Clair Times, when it runs. From time to time, hopefully the muse will strike and you'll be rewarded with something longer. I'm working on one for this weekend, assuming it ever gets finished. 

In any case, this week's edition of "Tube" was inspired by this post from Michael Casagrande, arguing that the 2011-2012 athletic season might just be the best in the history of the program. Watch the highlights and judge for yourself.

Of course, if the softball team can finally pay it off with a championship at the WCWS, maybe there's no more discussion.
Regardless, it's great to be from Alabama. Roll Tide.

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