Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Tuesday tube: just count the rings

Editor's note: There is no ignoring the ongoing tragedy taking place surrounding Auburn University and, tangentially, its football program. Sadly, there is also nothing we can do about it here. So we're going to attempt to conduct business as usual here, as much as possible, with the knowledge that we continue to pray without ceasing for everyone involved here. It's the world turned upside down.

No way today's edition of "Tube" could be about anything other than the 2012 national champs in women's softball, a team that was special enough to keep me awake until 1 a.m. on a school night. Here's the game and some of the aftermath.

Just for the heck of it — and because I know my wife will dig it — here's the video that went (sort of) viral last week, featuring the girls.
As an aside, if anyone out there has any idea what the deal is with the gnome, I'm all ears.

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