Sunday, August 18, 2013

newspaper column: in the key of me

We can all use a good editor

Here’s a technique whose popularity is increasing: writing in the "key of me."

I have no idea who coined the phrase – I wish I could take credit for it, but I picked it up from either a column or a blog or possibly on the radio (I stay in the car a lot). It probably originated as a musical term, but works for this purpose well.

A columnist writing in the "key of me" is typically taking his or her own feelings or experiences, then generalizing them to the populace, even if there’s little to no basis for doing so. If this sounds familiar, it’s probably the most scathing indictment of the column you’re reading – your life bears no resemblance to mine, you weirdo, so stop trying to make it seem like anybody understands what you’re saying.

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Oussama Bl. said...

lol, I did only understand the last two sentences!