Tuesday, February 9, 2010

"Lost" blogging: What Kate Does

Welcome back to "Lost" blogging, an as-it-happens attempt to understand just what in the hell is going on in ABC's "Lost." Tonight's episode: "What Kate Does." As always, MAJOR SPOILER ALERT.

A few key talking points before we get going:
• An episode from early in Season 2 was entitled, "What Kate Did."
• Something's apparently going to happen in this episode in which Sawyer absconds with a gun, eerily similar to Michael in ... well, Season 2.
• I'm pretty sure the only reason Frank Lapidus is involved in this show is to serve as the voice of confused fans like me.
• This may be the coolest "Lost" related youtube I've seen yet.

• Vanderbilt is beating the holy hell out of Tennessee right now. And I'm totally skipping Alabama's loss to Kentucky on similar grounds.

Back in a moment.

(All times are CST.)

8:00: The Japanese guy here types on a typewriter for reasons that aren't entirely clear. Like, a typewriter from long, long ago.
8:02: You can pretty much see the wheels turning in Sawyer's head right now, can't you?
[flash to alternate reality]
8:03: The guy in the middle of the road is Arzt. Awesome. Kate appeared to have deja vu when she saw Jack.
8:04: This seems like the right time to mention that Kate went back to the Island in the first place with the expressed purpose of finding Claire. She just lost her, obviously.
[back to Island reality]
8:05: Miles speaks as the voice of ... well, us.
8:06: 100 percent chance Sawyer shoots the hippie.
(OK, 99.99.)
{Note from the break: Not joining us tonight, or any night for that matter: Stacey, who now has to wake at 4 a.m. as part of her clinical rotations.]

8:09: Who's the new guy with the gun? He looks familiar.
8:11: I feel like I should know this guy, too. Although I don't, so ... let's all just enjoy the lingerie shots.
(Once again, it appears Kate gets a sense of deja vu looking at Claire's stuff. Recall that she's the one who was raising Claire's child off-Island.)
8:13: Sayid gets tortured on this show a whole lot. It's kind of sad. Although he tortured people for a living in his past life, so maybe it's karma. Or something.
8:14: Best guess: he's torturing Sayid like this to make sure he's actually alive.
8:15: Lied to him about what? He didn't pass?

[Best "Lost" related tweet so far: @hand_turkey "Sayid is as bad a test taker as I was in college."]
8:20: Brentwood! That's OJ's old haunt, right?
8:21: In all semi-seriousness, it's worth noting that the whole reason Claire was on the flight in the first place is that her psychic told her to get on the plane, knowing it would crash and she would have to raise the baby herself. So it's possible there isn't a family in Brentwood.
8:22: Seriously, I've watched this show as closely as anyone in the last few years, and I have NO idea what that last scene was all about.
8:24: Could Sayid be infected with the Smokey sickness?
8:25: "How did your friend get shot?"
"Um, in 1977, we were trying to detonate an A-bomb and he got shot. The bomb didn't go off as far as I can tell, but we flashed forward through time 'till now. That makes perfect sense, right?"

[Note from the break: It appears Jack's wife from before the Island wound up on "Modern Family." I'd be upset too.]
8:29: Hurley asks the inevitable zombie question. Which is hysterical.
8:30: Remember when Rousseau said her whole team caught some kind of sickness and died? And then Desmond asked if anybody got sick?
8:32: "Who do you care about, Kate?" Damn. A reference to the crappy Love Triangle. Damn it all.
8:33: Claire and Kate's first conversation on the Island was about her zodiac sign. If I recall correctly. Also, Kate delivered Claire's baby. And, of course, like we said, she's the one who was raising the baby. In the parallel universe that never happened in this one.
8:34: And now she's apparently going to deliver it again. Almost on cue, my dogs start howling at a siren.
8:35: The last time we saw these houses were when Sun, Ben and FLocke were walking around in them. And they met Christian.
8:36: Gotta say, this version of Sawyer is kind of a wuss.

[Note from the break: "Buying lingerie at Wal-Mart for Valentine's Day" is my answer to the question, "Why is your wife kicking your ass?"]
["Lost" related tweet so far: @@Zap2itILostSF: "My first thought when I saw that piece of black fabric in Sawyer's hand: "thong!" In related news, I'm going to hell."]
8:41: Note that Kate is not running from this scenario, even though it totally makes sense to do so.
(Holy crap, her doctor is Ethan Goodspeed. That's right, the same guy who tried to kidnap & steal the baby in Season 1, then got shot by Charlie. And he's making creepy needle comments. Perfect.)
8:42: Two things about this last scene:
• Claire hadn't named the baby when we first met her on the Island — she named him after he was born.
• Every time I hear Emilie de Ravin say the word "baby" in that fake Australian accent, I want bad things to happen to her.
8:44: Back to the Claire thing. Kate didn't know Claire was gone before she left?
8:45: Kate & Sawyer are playing the "what-if" game, which we've done here frequently. It causes insanity.
8:47: Worth noting: Japanese people love baseball.
8:48: Is our Japanese friend a survivor of the Black Rock? Is everyone in the Temple from that ship?
8:49: It's a cyanide capsule.

["Lost" related tweet of the moment: @j_bauer: "One more crying scene tonight, and #LOST will become Brothers & Sisters."]
[Note from the break: Isn't "The Forgotten" a re-hashing of "Ghost Whisperer?" Or "Tru Calling?" Or "Medium?" I wish I could talk to ghosts — that'd be sweeet!"]
8:54: Kate used Joan Hart as an alias? Wow. Clarissa totally approves.
8:55: Ummm ... they can track you through credit card purchases, dude. You know that, right?
(Note: Kate's mentioning that Claire should keep the baby is a re-hashing of that scene we mentioned earlier.)
8:56: Christian will likely make an appearance at some point soon.
8:57: Did Smokey mark Sayid? In the dirty water? So he IS a zombie!
8:58: Ah. Well, that explains what happened to Claire, I guess. Does that mean Claire and Christian are the bad guys now?
8:59: Nice. Claire's the new Rousseau.
[End of episode]

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Misty said...

Not sure how Claire's Australian accent can be fake given that the actress is actually from Australia ...

Also, if you aren't already, you should follow the "We Must and Shall Watch Lost" list on Twitter: http://twitter.com/joshthemoore/wemustandshallwatchlost.

dbh said...

How about irritating, then? Can we just say irritating? I stood up and cheered when I thought they'd rid the show of that character. Even the actress who played Shannon was more likable.

Misty said...

I'll take irritating, but nothing is as irritating as "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaalt! (insert random groaning/whining/sobbing noises)"