Tuesday, December 28, 2010

family conversations: we've come a long way, baby, part iii

Welcome back to "Family Conversations," in which I trade emails with my cousin's husband (cousin-in-law?) Jamie about Auburn, Alabama and life in general (you can read previous installments of this version here and here). As always, feel free to be part of the conversation, either here or by visiting me on Twitter.
will: Bodog.com set the over/under for total yards in the BCS MNC game at 864.5. Over or under?
Jamie: The over yards? I'd have to go with over based on the season so far. There might be 180 plays run in this game. It won't take a lot to get to that number.

will: What was your view of Gus Malzahn's near-exodus to Vanderbilt? A distraction? No?
Jamie: Gus' Vandy deal in my opinion was as smooth as it could be. Got a look, set a time frame, made a decision, and went on about business. From someone who got sick and tired of Jimmy Sexton shopping Tubbs every year, I thought the Gus thing was very cut and dry.

(Note: Since we had this conversation, Maryland has reached out to Malzahn. So maybe this story's not over.)
will: Finally, what do you think of this story this story about Nick Saban reminding his juniors about the possibility of an NFL lockout? Does it make you think he knows something? Or is it just in-house recruiting?
Jamie: Already commented on Saban's public service announcement to his talented Juniors. I don't have an issue with the route he took here. If you thing Saban is the only coach to mention the possible lockout to potential draftee's you drink a lot. On Saban knowing something, I don't think Saban has any more NFL contacts than do half of all other college coaches so if he knows something I assure you most all other coaches do as well.

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