Monday, January 31, 2011

Monday links: with Signing Day in sight

Before we go any further with the links to start your week, here are the current SEC men's basketball standings, courtesy of RBR.
1) Alabama (5-1)
2) Florida (5-2)
3) Kentucky (4-2)
3) Tennessee (4-2)
5) Arkansas (4-3)
6) Vanderbilt (3-3)
6) South Carolina (3-3)
6) Mississippi State (3-3)
9) Georgia (3-4)
10) LSU (2-4)
11) Ole Miss (1-5)
12) Auburn (1-6)

Obviously, a long way to go for the season. Even so ... I mean, look at that again. That's really something, right?

— The biggest (non-recruiting) story on campus, then, has to be the Tide's romp over LSU, in which Alabama defended like madmen and eventually wore down a young Bayou Bengal squad. One sequence inparticular stood out: late in the first half, Chris Hines hedged out over top of a screen to force the point guard away from the basket, then executed a perfect switch, rotating in plenty of time to prevent an easy basket; he even blocked a shot attempt for good measure. That's perfect, and it's a reflection of a pride this team takes in being defense-oriented.
(Worth noting: In all my years of watching sports, I've never seen an official "wave off" a technical foul before. Was it a stupid technical in the first place? Of course it was. But the ref should've stuck to his guns.)
— Another important story this week was Rolando McClain, who was fortunate to survive an incident in which his SUV was actually shot up. He wasn't hit and isn't hurt, but good Lord.
— This would be a fun story: Sylvester Croom has interviewed for an assistant coach's job in Tuscaloosa.
— A few links looking back at the 2010 campaign: first, Dr. Saturday examines just what happened to our defense; and this guy from Bleacher Report (I hate linking to Bleacher Report) talks about Alabama's emergence in the running back department.
— Elsewhere in news related to Alabama alums trying to make it at the next level, we have Greg McElroy breaking his hand.
— OK, so, National Signing Day is Wednesday. So here's your up-to-the-minute update on that. Can we agree not to talk about this anymore? Please?
— Speaking of Signing Day, did anybody else see this genuinely bizarre story about a reality star in Auburn? I'm confused.
— Finally, for those of us who love Braves baseball, the pitchers' voluntary camp starts today. Killer.

That's probably it for today. See you tomorrow. Roll Tide.

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