Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Tuesday tube: Sweet Home Alabama

Congrats go out to Auburn and its fans for completing the final leg of the journey last night in Glendale. in a way, it was eerily similar to the way most of the season went for Auburn: Clearly the better team, the Tigers controlled much of the action, only they couldn't quite put it away, and just when it looked like it might be slipping away — with Oregon having tied the game and their star QB clearly hurting — they came up with one more big play — Dyer's goofy "was he down/he wasn't down/he's still runnin!" run — and did enough to win. Auburn fans shouldn't feel any need to apologize; finding a way to win is what champions do.
Anyway, I take no pleasure in celebrating an Auburn national title; then again, it is the second straight championship for our state. Here, then, for our Tuesday tube feature, highlights of the 2009 and 2010 national champs.
(One note: Couldn't find a good highlight from last night's game. Guess it's a little early. You'll have to be satisfied with this for now.)

Congratulations to all our in-state ring-bearers. See you tomorrow. Roll Tide.

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