Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Tuesday tube: Meet Georgia Southern

A little known fact about me: I spent the first two years of my professional career — such as it is — working as a sportswriter in south Georgia, about 45 minutes away from the campus of Georgia Southern University.
Like a number of schools, Georgia Southern gave up its football program during World War II; unlike a number of those programs, though, GSU didn't bring theirs back until the 1980s, when they hired then-UGA defensive coordinator Erk Russell and started winning every championship in sight.
Their best player was a back named Adrian Peterson. No, not that Adrian Peterson. The GSU version of AP was arguably the best player in the history of I-AA, and certainly the best in the history of the program. In the 1999 championship game vs. Youngstown State, he did this.
 It remains the most legendary play in the history of the program, one that is once again back on top in its subdivision (currently ranked 2nd). I can only wish them the best once the postseason begins.
But I wish them no good Saturday. And since I can't think of anything else to run, here's a link to Marquis Maze's punt return vs. Arkansas.

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