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anticipating the BCS: a crowd-sourcing exercise

Editor's Note: In an attempt to maintain this blog's profile without actually trying very hard, I sent an email to various friends and family members asking for their thoughts about the current BCS situation, and how they would care to change it. A handful of them — an Auburn fan, two of my college and friends and my brother — responded, and those responses are included below. Please note, 3 of the 4 respondents in this exercise are "ministers." Should tell you something about my friend group.
me: Way too many thoughts swirling around in my head right now: Happy though I am to see my team playing for a national championship, a part of me knows a) It would be something of a crime if anyone other than LSU claims a national title this season; b) There's at least the possibility someone was more worthy of getting a shot at LSU than we are.
(As an aside, there's a part of me that derives enjoyment out of watching these teams crawl back into the MNC picture by doing absolutely nothing. If the kid from Oregon makes the field goal vs. USC, the Ducks are the team that pleads the loudest about getting left out, and everybody completely forgets about Okie State. But since that didn't happen, the Cowboys are being jobbed. Whatever.)
Pretend you have carte blanche from every college football president to remake the postseason in your image, irrespective of money or tradition. 4 teams? 8 teams? 16 teams? Leave it the way it is?
Jamie: The best thing to me about college football is that it was always a 20-40 team/14 week playoff. Bama fans were glued to the tube on an obscure Friday night watching OK St vs Iowa St for crying out loud. In 2004 I watched every play of at least 4 USC and Oklahoma games for obvious reasons. It makes every game count. 
That said, I do think there needs to be something done. Here goes: 
No more BCS formulas. Computers can't watch football, and most coaches have their secretaries vote anyway. Have 20-30 representatives from each section of the country (SE, NE, MW, SW, W) and form a committee to vote, only after the reg season ends much like NCAA BB. That would mean all reg season games must end on the same Saturday. 
I would like to consider a rule where you cannot vote for anyone on your own region. Reduces the potential for biased voting. Not sure if that would work, but just a thought. 
Two weeks after conference championship games, play your semifinal games. #1 hosts #4 and #2 hosts #3. This would keep teams somewhat sharp until the title game. Nothing like seeing the 2 best teams in the nation flat because they haven't played in 6 weeks. Rotate the title game venues just like they do now, and have the winners play for it all. 
The one issue is the teams who play in championship games vs ones who do not. One thing you could consider, is IF a team participating in conference championship games goes into the game ranked in the top 4 after the reg season, they are locked in win or lose. That could take some luster out of the conference championship games, so I doubt that would fly, but you said irrespective of money or tradition.  That's what I have.

Peter: I'm fine with things the way they are.  There's always going to be whining, and the BCS is as good of a way as any to mix human subjectivity and mathematical "objectivity" (which is total BS - the computers are programmed subjectively valuing certain measures more than others). 

Bart: Postseason in my image? Four teams enter thunder dome. One team leaves. Based on a better, more refined flawed system, the top four teams are identified. One verses four in the Sugar. Two verses three in the Orange. Fiesta gets their pick of any other teams for a meaningless, money-based matchup. Winner of Sugar and Orange play each other in the Rose Bowl. The BCS matchups rotate each year, moving the big games around. And since it is in my image, foreigners are ineligible to perform at halftime. 

Whit: I like the idea of taking the final 8 teams in the BCS and using the Saturdays in December to play the games and finish the season at the same time as they do now. I realize that you could ask "Why 8?" or "Why not 16?" To be quite honest, I think any more than 8 would draw out the season further than its term is right now which would ruffle a lot of feathers in the recruiting process and what not.  
What about the idea that LSU should win the AP national title no matter what happens in New Orleans? Agree? Disagree?
(Note: We will NOT accept "Gary Danielson should swallow a gallon lighter fluid" as an answer.)
Bart: Unless I missed something, we no longer have troops on the ground in Vietnam, butterfly collars are out and thus, we decide the national championship AFTER the consensus two top teams play at the end of the year.

Whit: LSU should be crowned the winner if and only if they beat Alabama in the NC. period. 

Peter: Winner of the game in New Orleans should be National Champions.  Period.  If the winners of the different divisions of the SEC have played already and meet again in the SEC championship game, the winner is the league champion.  We've gotten used to somebody who wasn't all that great in the regular season being NCAA Basketball champions because they "got hot at the right time," they were good when it matters.  Whoever wins — Alabama or LSU — will be good when it matters, and should be national champions.  And Gary Danielson should be muzzled when calling an SEC championship game and ranting about how the SEC shouldn't have two teams playing in the BCS championship game.

Jamie: If Bama wins a close game then yeah, split the thing. It's only fair. If Bama rolls up LSU, it's their title. I don't remember trying to convince everyone for the last 15 years that FSU deserves a share of the '96 title.  
Suppose we (Alabama, for the non-Tide fans on this) win in New Orleans. How do we feel next year when Tony Giles inevitably says "... 14 national championships!!!" over the PA? I feel like I'll be slightly self-conscious, don't you?
Peter: Based on my previous arguments, I really wouldn't feel that awkward or self-conscious, cause we won in the system as it is.  First time it's played out like this, but just like with a one loss team who wins and the team they beat always being able to say "we beat the national champions!," early losses don't matter once you get into the championship game.
Also, anyone who would feel awkward can gladly donate their tickets to the "support a methodist minister UA graduate" fund.

Bart: I've installed special panels on my roof that catch hate and envy waves. When "fourteen national championships!" is exclaimed, I expect to receive energy to power my house for the next year. And I do believe my heart will be warmed as well. The Chicago Cubs are beloved. I prefer to be hated like the New York Yankees.
(Note: I am confused by the host of this blog's Crimson-guilt posture.)

Jamie: Not to sound like a smart ass, but if you don't already feel a little self conscious about 13 national championships, then you shouldn't for 14 either.

Whit: I'll just smile and record it for all of my Auburn friends.  

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