Monday, February 20, 2012

Monday links: insert clever title here

No catchy intro today. Before we get started, though, let's enjoy this ridiculously uncomfortable photo from last week.
SABAN: "Uncle Elbert never went to school like the others. He got a bath when we could track him down. That wasn't often; he was fast as us, and took off into the woods through briars that cut us to ribbons. We didn't have his thick wild hobo skin, nor the touched brain that made this seem like a reasonable way to spend days. He was handsome when we cleaned him up. Real handsome."
— Let us begin with the "we ain't much but we're still standing" portion of the weekend: Alabama overcame a litany of off-court problems to beat a hot Tennessee team Saturday in Coleman. In his column about the win, Cecil's comparisons are as diverse as the team has been. As for me, I'll say only that if Alabama can get the kind of contribution it did Saturday from Lacey, Randolph and those 2 7-feet tall statues ... well, that will be very good indeed.
(Note: We're going to Arkansas Thursday, and will almost definitely lose by 15. So maybe we won't feel so good by then.)
By the way, Scarbinsky used the UT game as an opportunity to catch up with Dave Hart, one of the key people involved in bringing coach Grant to Tuscaloosa. His review, not surprisingly, is glowing.
While we're here, it's about time for one of our columnists to wonder why the state's basketball is so bad. Check and mate.
— The gymnastics team continues to kick everyone's ... well, you get it. Currently the squad is ranked at or near the top in every category. The way it should be.
(Note: We're including floor exercise here, to keep with the "Dance Party" theme of the blog.)
— Less pleasant: The baseball team. The less said about Opening Weekend in Tuscaloosa, the better.

— Believe it or not, we'll probably start talking spring practice pretty soon. Jess Nicholas has a list of position battles to watch this spring. Also, OTS tackled the multi-year scholarship issue with his typical flair.
— Two more random notes: Jair Jurrjens and Tim Hudson are prepared for 2012; and you can't be racist on Oops.

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