Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday links: Taking it on the chin

No story from the weekend, obviously, was bigger than what happened with Alabama basketball on Saturday: About 3 hours before a big game vs. LSU, coach Anthony Grant announced the suspension of three more players, meaning that 4/5 of the team's offense is now on the bench. The team — we started 4 freshmen and Ben Eblen, who wouldn't play point in most pickup games — fought like hell, but lost in Baton Rouge. And suddenly, the season is at stake.

The door does appear open, but what level of trust will there be if and when reinstatement occurs? How will the disappointed ones Grant alluded to - the teammates, the loved ones, the fans - view the players upon their return, when and if there is one?
At this point, there is still a season for Alabama. Saturday's loss didn't help things, but it was not an NCAA elimination game for the Crimson Tide, as some breathless hyperbole on the Internet surmised.
Simply for the sake of something not suspension related, here's a story about the relationship between Trevor Lacey and Levi Randolph. Strangely, it appeared that Randolph looked much more aggressive Saturday night in Red Stick. If this team is going to have a shot without the Sidelined 4, Lacey has to be an integral part of that. So, ya know, c'mon Trevor.
— This won't shock you, but Nick Saban is great when it comes to preparing youngsters for the pros.
— has a primer about Alabama's new offensive coordinator.
— Thought this was notable: In the past four years, Alabama's recruiting budget has tripled. Also, the NCAA wants to drastically increase penalties for "major violations," whatever those are.
— That reminds us: You want a college football playoff? Thank the SEC.

— The return of freezing cold weather, by the way, can only mean that baseball season is almost back. Braves beat writer David O'Brien is the best guy to follow if you're an Atlanta fan like me.

Also, out of obligation, here's Whitney Houston at the 1991 Super Bowl.

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