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"Lost" blog: whatever happened, happened

Welcome back to "Lost"-blogging, this blog's ongoing attempt to understand the most confusing show on television. As always, stay away if you fear SPOILERS.

Tonight's episode is titled "Whatever Happened, Happened," and may be focused on the relationship between Kate and Sawyer.
(All times CDT)
-- 8:01: Was there any doubt young Ben would still be alive? And here's a head-scratcher: what if the reason Ben tortured Sayid so thoroughly and went so far out of his way to ruin his life, was that Sayid shot him in the chest when he was little?
(I'm stumped. Time travel makes my head hurt. And possibly my nose bleed, also.)
-- 8:03: There's little doubt the natives are going to get restless and eventually turn on the returnees. Kate's currently talking to Ben's dad. Run! Run! Run!
-- 8:04: Another great theory: what if young Ben's life is saved by Jack and Juliet?
-- 8:05: Flash to Kate driving up to a house in the past/future. What's that song on the radio? And what song is Kate singing?
-- 8:06: Incidentally, what Sawyer (apparently) whispered to Kate in the Season 4 finale was, "I have a daughter in Alberquerque. You've got to find her. Tell her I'm sorry."
-- 8:09: Of course, it took me 'till now to make the connection between Cassidy, Kate and Sawyer. And, of course, Cassidy gets to use Sawyer's catch line.

-- 8:10: Cassidy calls Sawyer "a coward" for failing to come back. Interesting accusation.
-- 8:12: "Because I have to."
-- 8:13: The comedy of Horace Goodspeed's hair is frankly fantastic.
-- 8:14: Apparently, disaster just follows the Oceanic 6 wherever they go. Chaos on the Island, chaos off the Island and now ... yikes.
-- 8:15: Fantastic HD shot of Kate's back tat. Marvelous. Also, Hurley checks in with a "Back to the Future" reference. Hurley's the best. He's like the voice of the fans.
-- 8:16: The conversation about time travel is one we've been waiting to have.
-- 8:17: Jack pulls out a sinister Ivan Drago line as we go to the 2d break.
-- 8:21: Don't forget that Jack isn't the one who believes in destiny. Now either he believes in destiny or he's attempting to circumvent it by inaction. Like the time-travel discussion, this makes my head hurt.
-- 8:22: If you were Juliet, would you think at all of attempting to kill Kate in this scene?
-- 8:23: Random thought: is it just me, or has Evangeline Lily gotten desperately thin? I'm almost positive she used to be prettier than she is now.
-- 8:24: Another lie as Kate says she has no kids. Kate never really tells the whole truth.
-- 8:25: "I guess a boy just needs his mother."
-- 8:26: The current dialogue between Hurley and Miles is like "Who's on First." Frankly, it's a classic. And they just figured out something we've already discerned on our own.
-- 8:27: Another thought: remember how Ben treated Juliet with the whole "you're mine!" routine when she first came to the Island? Now she's considering the idea of turning Ben over to The Others with that robotic flair only she has.
-- 8:33: Perhaps we're about to learn where Ben's alliance to The Others and The Island came from. There's also still a running debate over whether the Isle actually heals anybody.
-- 8:34: Little Aaron wants a juice box. Of course he does. And now he's apparently wandered off.
-- 8:36: The woman who finds him, of course, looks exactly like Claire from behind.
-- 8:37: Sawyer shows up to help. Hey, how old does it make you when you're afraid to sneeze because of how much it hurts your back?
-- 8:42: Back at Cassidy's house. Apparently they're well enough acquainted with one another that Clementine calls her "Auntie Kate."
-- 8:43: Now we're apparently delving into some rather bizarre psychology where Kate used Aaron to fill the void left by not having Sawyer in her life. I'd bet even odds they're going to kiss before the episode ends.
-- 8:45: Sawyer says he's "doing it for her," a very profound statement. Also, Juliet's about to barge in on Jack in the shower: "I needed you."
-- 8:46: So I guess Jack DOES believe in fate now. A shocking turnabout, really.
(break to hug my wife and welcome her home)
-- 8:53: James Spann has removed his coat, ladies and gentlemen. Something bad is afoot.
-- 8:54: Kate apparently confessed everything to Claire's mother. And she responded with her typically terrible Australian accent. One thing though: is Claire really dead? I didn't think she was.
-- 8:55: This makes at least three people off the island who know the whole truth: Cassidy, Claire's mother and Hurley's mom. Who else knows about it, I have no idea. Also, recall Claire's ghost specifically told Kate never to bring him back. Ever.
-- 8:56: Another lie. Kate didn't go back to find Claire. She went back to find Sawyer.
-- 8:57: Still no idea what's the relationship between Kate caring for Aaron and Kate & Sawyer caring for Benjamin.
-- 8:58: Richard Alpert, frankly, is the most mysterious of the Island's characters. He wears eye-liner, never ages and appears to materialize out of thin air.
-- 8:59: So it's Jack's decision NOT to take the boy, which leads Sawyer & Kate to take him to The Others, which leads to Ben becoming an Other. Unless it was Juliet who planned the whole thing all along.
-- 9:00: Jacob's in that cabin! It's Jacob!
Flash-forward to Ben in sick bay after Sun hit him in the head. John Locke: "Welcome back to the land of the living."
(End of episode)

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