Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Lost-blogging: some like it hoth

Welcome back to "Lost" blogging, our weekly attempt to comprehend the events of ABC's "Lost" as they happen. This week's edition: "Some Like it Hoth," centered around Miles Straum. As always, avoid this blog if you haven't yet seen the episode ... SPOILERSSPOILERSSPOILERS.

(All times are CDT).
8:01: Did young Miles live in the same apartment complex as Daniel LaRusso?
8:02: Is there anything significant about the name Mr. Vonner? Or Kimberly?
8:03: No one else will find this humorous, but hearing Sawyer say, "I'm head of security" reminds me of "Brian Keener, head lifeguard."
8:04: The Circle of Trust? Isn't that a Point of Grace song?
8:05: I've always wanted to be able to whistle between my fingers like that. Never could, though.

8:10: Random thought from Stacey: does Miles look exactly like Jon from "Jon & Kate Plus 8?" Except not as miserable? I say yes.
8:11: Is it possible Miles' dad is the Asian dude from DHARMA?
8:12: Recall a conversation between Miles and Faraday during an earlier episode:
"I've never been here before."
"Are you sure about that?"
8:13: Like the symmetry of the doors closing and then Juliet opening.
8:14: Yeah ... explaining this to Ben's dad may be a bit of a problem. Explaining to him that his son is going to kill him may be a bit of a problem, too.

8:19: The never-ending comedy of Hurley & Miles has replaced the never-ending comedy of Charlie & Hurley. And Hurley & everybody, really.
8:20: The filling came through his head because of the electromagnetism in the hatch, yeah?
8:21: Wait ... Hurley talks to dead folk?
8:22: Uh-oh ... Miles can't talk to ashes, I bet.
8:23: This is a fake. Our friend doesn't perform seances.
8:24: Hey, it's Naomi! She wasn't busy? I'm shocked, frankly.
8:25: Kate just tipped her hand. She's usually a much better liar.
The song on the radio, by the way, is "Love Will Keep us Together."
8:26: Hurley makes a reference to chess with Mr. Eko.
8:28: Did Hurley just call Miles' dad a douche? Yes. Yes he did.

8:32: Does that dead man have any significance? Aside from the obvious?
8:33: So it WAS, in fact, Widmore who staged the wreckage of the plane crash. Or at least he had the materials to do so.
8:34: Now we also know Miles is money-hungry.
Miles makes another reference to fate. He's the best.
8:35: Did that board just erase itself?
8:36: Jack's a lousy liar, also. Which, of course, makes it humorous to think they perpetuated that lie for three years.
8:38: The look Miles gave his dad when he said "I like country" was priceless.
8:39: It's the Numbers, man! The Numbers are bad!
(Note on the numbers: if you have a moment, check out this vid of a transmission from an episode earlier this season. Tell me if the voice on the transmission sounds familiar at all.)


8:46: What lies in the shadow of the statue? The question from last week, right?
8:47: Another bizarre reference to the war Widmore talked about a few episodes ago.
8:48: Hurley's trying to write "Star Wars?" That's fantastic.
8:50: Another heart/head discussion. Also, the tension between Sawyer and Jack is painful.
8:51: That was quite a punch.

8:56: Apparently, only money persuades Miles. Also, he's got some serious Daddy issues, which gives him something in common with every other person on this show, basically. Though it still doesn't explain why he can communicate with the dead.
8:58: Hurley makes another "Star Wars" reference. "Let's face it: the ewoks sucked, dude."
9:00: "Miles, I need you." What a loaded statement.
9:01: Faraday! Woo hoo!
(end of episode)

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