Monday, July 13, 2009

Monday a.m. links, but p.m.

It's been a tough Monday already for me, so I'll toss out a few links before we move on. As always, feel free to send a thoughtful or insightful link this way, if you've got one.

— Tide Sports has the story of LeRon McClain's journey to the NFL. This is one of those guys from the Shula Era who I always believed deserved better.
— Your odds for the SEC this fall, courtesy Crimson Daddy.
— Proof that some of us can read: RBR reviews "Junction Boys."
— From Memphis, a countdown of bowl trips. All of them. Quite an undertaking.
— Continuing its series of player profiles, BSR looks at Mike Johnson.

— Aub stuff: Luke Brietzke profiles the AU RBs; Montgomery tells us why a lack of early commits doesn't concern the AU staff.
— Francoeur trade reax: Chop Talk has a survey around the landscape; Davey O'Brien says we didn't have to trade him, but ...

— Elsewhere, Barnhart previews the SEC East (let me save you some time: Florida); Chris Cooley sits in for MMQB.

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