Monday, July 13, 2009

Tuesday 'tube: we'll leave the light on for you

Today's vid: a peek at Corey Grant, a hot recruiting prospect who just happens to be an Opelika native (and thus close to my heart).

Also, according to my mother, "he's a real sweet boy." Grant's status is up in the air — goes the current story, he's tiring of the recruiting process and may commit soon to either 'Bama or Auburn. Be cool to have him on our side in '10, but I wish him the best regardless. 


Peggy Rossmanith said...

I know I'm biased, but I really hope he keeps the Bulldog to Tiger streak alive. There are two reasons.
1. Auburn could use him.
2. Alabama could use him.
And maybe a third: I like that no Opelika player has ever gone to play for the Tide. It gives me something to hold onto during what I'm sure will be a pretty rough few years for my kind.

Peter said...

we got Will Heath, and he was a beast on the intramural fields. I never played with Whit, so I don't know about him, but seeing Will Heath playing safety was a thing of beauty. And that's saying nothing of him playing goalie in soccer.

whitheath said...

Will Heath's "beastliness" lacks severely in comparison to Whit Heath on the intramural fields. Unfortunately, the Tide have lost Whit for this fall as a result of an ACL tear (his second of his college career). Therefore, without Whit, the Tide must have Corey Grant come play next season. Also...Auburn blows. That is all.