Monday, July 20, 2009

Monday links, media days edition

There's nothing quite like Media Days in this football-crazed world — arguably the driest and most boring event that somehow we still look forward to with trembling and anticipation because ... well, it means football practice starts soon, and that's basically what we've all been thinking about since A-Day. We at the DP plan to have a full week of blogging in celebration, even with the return of our "Wednesday Conversation" feature and so forth.
My favorite memory of Media Days will always be the first one I attended (2005), when Mike Shula entered the print room at the Hilton and spoke to an infuriated room full of pressmen for 26 consecutive minutes before any of them ever had a chance to ask him a question (they only get 30 minutes in there anyway). It was a thing of beauty, and hopefully something I'll never see again in my life, ever.

Anyway, on with the links.
— First, five questions for SEC Media Days. Like, "What time is lunch?" and "When will we get to actually talk football?"
— The Press-Register has put together an outstanding series on college football recruiting, which began yesterday and continues today. The first edition: copious amounts of money are going into this thing. And second: the vitriol rises to unprecedented heights.
— Gentry also has the story on the possible transfer of a high-profile recruit.
— A history of big-time openers, Alabama-style.
— Ga. Tech and Notre Dame may play in the Georgia Dome, and other things in Tony Barnhart's notebook.
— The O-A has a decent preview of UGA in '09 though Andrew's assessment — "Georgia didn't beat Auburn. Auburn beat Auburn" — isn't entirely accurate: Stafford drove UGA the length of the field in the fourth quarter for the game-winning TD, something Kodi Burns failed to do when it came his turn.
Here: I'll prove it ...

— Two Dr. Saturday posts were outstanding: first, Smart Football de-constructs the Pistol; second, Doc himself checks in with some playoff thoughts.

— Finally, other stuff: Deadspin tells us why Tom Watson's gag at the British might have been a good thing; and Sean Payton sits in for MMQB.

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