Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thursday lines: put the ring on m' finger ... and change me

Some of the most fun the next two days may actually be happening in Tuscaloosa, where the Super 6 takes place today and tomorrow. The full schedule is available at, and from what I can gather, Friday should be great fun — Jackson-Cherokee Co. (4A) 11, Reeltown-Clay Co. at 3 (2A) and Hoover-Prattville at 7 (6A). Lot of future stars on display. All the games, I believe, will be broadcast on CSS.

Anyway, here are this weekend's lines, presented with much trepidation, courtesy of

Oregon State (+10) at Oregon

Houston (-3) at East Carolina
(Note: Has anyone seen Skip Holtz lately? His name hasn't come up in this Notre Dame thing at all?)
West Virginia (+1.5) at Rutgers
Cincinnati (-2) at Pittsburgh
Fresno State (+3) at Illinois
Arizona (+7) at USC
Florida (-6) vs. Alabama (Atlanta)
California (-7) at Washington
Georgia Tech (-1) vs. Clemson (Jacksonville? ... I actually don't know)
Texas (-14) vs. Nebraska (Arlington)
(Note: Scary game if I'm a UT fan. The only other game this team has played against a high-caliber defense was vs. Oklahoma, and they only scored 1 touchdown. Yeah.)
South Florida (+7.5) at Connecticut
Wisconsin (-12) at Hawaii

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