Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday 'tube: hardwood time

The beginning of basketball season is always a little strange for me: unlike baseball or football, basketball doesn't open with any kind of fanfare — in fact, usually the season opens rather quietly, and more than a month goes by, and then football lulls for a few days ... and there's basketball stepping up to fill the void. Which is why every year I'll turn on Alabama in some early-season non-conference game (like, say, last Saturday's game vs. Purdue) and wonder who in God's name half the guys are on our team (either because I don't recognize them or because they're brand new).

Anyway, the hoop team has already suffered its first crushing defeat of the season — I watched bits and pieces, and it appears our new coach (like our old one) isn't aware that you're allowed to call timeouts during games when the other team is making a run. As an added bonus, some of the 8th-year seniors on the front row in the student section managed to embarrass themselves on national TV by getting themselves thrown out. Good times.

Here, then, are a few basketball-related videos I enjoyed. Roll Tide.

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