Sunday, August 15, 2010

Monday links: August and everything after

Can't think of a clever intro for today's links, and I'm kind of tired anyway. So, as Whit suggest, here's a list of celebrities I don't like.

... a group of links about Alabama-related things.

— Obviously, the biggest story of the week was Glen Coffee's decision to leave football after a mere season in the NFL. Kind of disappointing, but it does give me the excuse to do this:

Of course, the oddest thing about his decision to leave the NFL after only a season is that he made the decision to jump to the NFL one year early. Even so, Scarbinsky says it's a brave move.
— The other big story that caused too many people to freak out: Alabama's offense dominated the defense in the first scrimmage. For all the reasons we shouldn't freak out, here's RBR. Also, here's Gentry Estes via Twitter:
Now starts the season of fans overreacting way too much to stats from one closed scrimmage. ... Examples: On Aug. 9, 2008, JPW threw for 309 yards in a scrimmage. On Aug. 22, 2009, G-Mac hit 295. I think those defenses turned out OK ... n that same '09 scrimmage, Mark Ingram rushed for 19 yards on 8 carries. The leading pass catcher? Brad Smelley ... Don't forget that yardage totals trend higher because every snap counts one-way in a scrimmage. A real game splits it between two teams. ... And it's not just Bama fans. Worst I've personally seen was UT in 06. Fans were freaking over scrimmage INTs by Ainge and wanted Crompton.

— The agent thing, of course, continues: Nick Saban (along with, apparently, every other important college coach in the country) conducted a conference call with the NFL to discuss the agent problem. Reportedly, Saban closed practice to NFL scouts, as though that's going to solve anything.
— Because he's still alive and still angering 'Bama fans, Ray Perkins says Alabama's going to repeat.
— Michael Casagrande wonders where Nick Saban's statue could be. Possibly in the same place the original Boll Weevil statue is. Which means someone should interrogate my dad.
— Finally, the sad decline of Joe Paterno. I hope he makes it through the season, and I mean that.

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