Sunday, August 22, 2010

Monday links: dispensing with clever titles

On Friday, Stacey & I attended the "Blackmon Bowl" in Montgomery, or Opelika's very loud statement at the AHSAA Champions' Challenge. And we sat there, sweltering under the oppressive humidity, trying not to get shot by the (very unfriendly) Montgomery police ... and I realized, football's back.
Opelika rolls past Greenville in Champions Challenge opener

Just in case you needed some video evidence.

Friday begins the 15-week high school season, with college and pro to start soon thereafter. And even if that means 2009 is over for real, it's still football. That's pretty cool.

Anyway, the final week before the first game always receives game-week treatment, so let's start our game-week routine (at least partially) with Monday-morning links.
— The biggest story of the week, of course, was the release of the AP poll; like the others, it predictably ranked Alabama No. 1. Of course, the AP poll is kind of a waste, but, as RBR notes, it's good from a historical standpoint. Handling the expectations, obviously, will be a problem.
This also means it's time for the BlogPoll to start. will undoubtedly have Auburn ranked No. 1 in the universe.
— 'Bama's second scrimmage was focused on "real" situations (more so than the first, anyway) and the numbers showed it. The goal of the season, however, remains to be better on offense.
— Moving away from the field for just a second, a scary story from the basketball world: Mikhail Torrance collapsed yesterday during practice, and remains "critical but stable" at a hospital in Florida. And in another story equally as troubling, former fullback Kevin Turner has been diagnosed with ALS, only a few days after a new study suggesting the disease may be linked to head injuries.
— Miscellaneous 'Bama links: Chris Walsh writes more about the BDS renovations; Kleph visits with the makers of "Gamechanger"; and Man Dance envisions a world in which Alabama loses.

— Smart Football is one of the best sites on the planet for people who enjoy actual football (and aren't blind homers). Here, in this post, they suggest the trend in football right now favors defense.
Indeed, what with Nick Saban’s protégés proliferating year-by-year, maybe studying his defenses will tell us what offensive trends to expect. We’re clearly living in Saban’s world — at least for another few weeks.

— Miscellaneous links from around the universe: Gene Chizik makes some interesting comparisons for Cam Newton; Mr. SEC finds the perfect comparison for Les Miles; The State gives us the SEC's key position battles; and Florida coaches and players argue about John Brantley's wheels.

That's all for today, guys. See you tomorrow. Roll Tide.

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