Monday, August 2, 2010

Tuesday 'tube: lights, camera ...

More than anyone else (probably), I find myself continually disturbed by the Nick Saban love-fest among certain factions in the Alabama fanbase. I love watching the guy's football teams play; I love being part of a national championship program. But he's just a football coach, right?
Anyway, all that leads into the trailer for this documentary based on his three seasons in Tuscaloosa: "Nick Saban: Gamechanger." Or, as my friend Amanda called it, "Date Night."

I'll say this: if the movie doesn't include this clip of coach Saban shuffling before the 2007 Independence Bowl, I'll be disappointed.

At the very least, it has to be a deleted scene, right?

See everybody tomorrow. Roll Tide.

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Peter said...

cut it out, Will. The last time word got out about Amanda's football intellect was when she kept a virtual transcription of the Alabama vs. Vandy play by play in 2007 for me (which I shared with about 30 other guys) while I was at an Emmaus retreat. She got multiple marriage proposals for that effort. I can't let that kind of thing happen again.