Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Apparently, the starting of this blog today inadvertently killed Heath Ledger. Oops.

In any case, thanks to all who gave me their input in migrating this site. As I've stated many times before (and as the "about me" section will continue to state), this isn't a "Bama blog." I'm a 'Bama grad, yes, but I'm mostly just a sports junkie who watches too much television. As much as I appreciate people like Capstone Report, 8Box and TD considering part of their fraternity ... I'm just not. And that's the way it is. I love those guys, though, and I'll continue to link to them at every available opportunity.

And with that, let's dole out some links.
— Simmons hands out some awards today, and asks the one question I was (sort of) surprised to hear absolutely no one ask.
Didn't Troy Aikman and Joe Buck have to discuss Favre's Level 5 stinkbomb during the telecast beyond just alluding to it a couple of times? What about Peter King, who didn't even mention Favre's grisly performance in his normally comprehensive MMQB column? With all the breaks Green Bay got in that game, if Favre had given his team even a C-plus, the Pack would have won.
— While you're at ESPN, you may as well read TMQ, who correctly asserts that Norv Turner's decision to punt from the Pats' 36, down by 9, with nine minutes to play in the game (the Chargers never got the ball back), was the worst coaching decision of the playoffs and may have been the worst coaching decision in playoff history.
First, the Patriots have the best offense in football history, so the odds of getting the ball back quickly without New England scoring were very low. Second, you need a touchdown and a field goal and are in field goal range. Why aren't you at least attempting a field goal? Sure a long field goal try might not work, but punting is guaranteed not to work! Next, San Diego coaches should have decided already, when the Chargers had third-and-10 on the New England 36 at the 9:36 mark, that they would go for it on fourth down. The opponent is the highest-scoring team of all time; you will not defeat those guys by passively punting the ball away late in the game. Yet rather than use "four-down thinking" and call a draw or similar play on third-and-10 so the fourth-down situation would be more manageable, San Diego's coaches called a midrange pass on third down, then, facing fourth-and-10, shrugged and punted.
RBR discusses the most pleasant surprise of 2007. Click on it and you'll be happy, too. I promise.
— Finally, TD gives us a disturbing video, courtesy of Texas fans.



TideDruid said...

I see the new blog has arrived. Of course, when the great WordPress vs. Blogger war starts, I shall show no mercy! No quarter either!

Cool site though...

Peter said...

You were right, Will. That pleasant surprise did make me happy.

And by the way, will they be dancing where you're going? Perhaps even daily? I'm just saying.