Thursday, January 24, 2008

The Party got some attention today at Tide Druid, which was cool enough that I felt the need to link to it. For the record, the dude in the picture isn't me. It's actually my brother. But that's not important.

In any case, I owe everybody some links after last night, which turned into a ridiculously long exercise thanks to a wandering referee and one of Talladega's girls suffering a broken nose. Not cool. I didn't get home until midnight. But I digress.

— Speaking of TD, he posted a really funny conversation yesterday, as he envisioned what it's like for Mark Gottfried to walk around the athletic complex and talk to other coaches. And if you're still interested in the death of Mark Gottfried, Bama Hoops has a post on how this season could still be salvaged.
— Drew of Deadspin has a fun rant about newspapers (MSMers, as he calls them) and their attitudes toward blogs.
A blog is a blank website with roughly 17 trillion potential applications. You can use it to make stupid ... jokes. You can use it to post pictures of your trip for your family and friends to check out. You can use it to sell t-shirts. You can use it to show ... naked pictures of Crissy Moran dry humping a balance beam (I strongly recommend this option). It has no rules. No supposedly built-in set of ethics. No style guidelines. It's a blank canvas, for you to do with as you please.

Here's the thing Drew doesn't appear to be considering in his ranting: most of the people making these comments he's referencing are old. Now, I love old people. My parents are old people. My grandparents, too. And my mother-in-law.
But old people don't change easily, if they change at all. And old people are not accepting of new ideas. There's a lady in our office who refuses to even attempt to do anything with a PC, because "I don't know anything about PCs." Explaining to her that the differences between a PC and a Mac are almost nil at this point, or that it's just as easy to use one as the other, would be a waste of time. And why? Because she's old.
I'm just saying that many of the current breed of crusty columnist won't wake up to the difference between blogs and journalists, and they won't accept that the two can work together. And why? Because they're old people, and old people don't get stuff like that. Just wait until we're old and we're complaining about our kids.
— I usually try to stay away from recruiting as much as I can, but OTS has a very thorough rundown
Also, I found this story interesting — Auburn's apparently on the verge of losing a recruit who doesn't want to run the spread.
— Speaking of Auburn, an opponent next fall has an eerie familiarity.
— Capstone tells us why South Alabama football may already be in trouble.
There's probably nothing to the idea that Fran would come to Mobile. But if he really is interested, what about his wife, Kim? Wasn't she the one who HATED Alabama, didn't like the attention of being the wife of the head coach in Tuscaloosa, and thanked her husband profusely for "bringing me home to Texas?" What's changed since 2002? Am I missing something?
— SMQ tells us about the power of a crystal ball.
— Finally, EDSBS has Trev on video. That's right, folks ... Trev is back.


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