Monday, January 28, 2008

Barely 90 minutes since I actually started working today, and already I'm thinking of flipping my desk over and storming out. Just one of those days, I suppose.

In any case, some links ...

— Um, is this for real? Did Mrs. Mark Gottfried really scream at Paul Finebaum on Saturday?
Apparently, Gottfried's wife confronted Paul Finebaum at halftime of Alabama's 20 point win over Auburn. So far, I haven't seen this discussed anywhere else. I have no confirmation as to what was said, although I highly doubt she was inviting him over for dinner. If it is true, we should hear much more about it tomorrow when Finebaum airs his radio show at 2:00 Central Time.
(Aw, man ... I don't want to have to listen to freaking Finebaum.)
— More from the Auburn game from Cecil.
Also, if you still haven't seen Senario Hillman's vicious dunk, here it is, courtesy of youtube:

— Snarktastic takes us inside the AAFL Draft. The AAFL seems doomed already.
— More on the offensive coordinator front from TD and RBR.
— Peter King sticks up for his boy in this week's MMQB.


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