Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Well, our long statewide nightmare is over: Nick Saban hired an offensive coordinator. Oo-de-lally.
His name? Jim McElwain, coming to Tuscaloosa directly from Fresno State. Knowing naught of Fresno State, I can't say what this portends for the fall of 2008 and beyond. Perhaps one of the bloggers better than I can tell us more in the coming days.

In any case, yesterday was Super Bowl Media Day, an event that's so overexposed, complaining about how overexposed it is has reached the point where it's nearly as annoying as the overexposure was to begin with. That sentence didn't make any sense, and that's OK.
Here are some links to make up.

— Jemele Hill has breaking news: women like Tom Brady. C'mon, Jemele ... you should be better than that.
— The yuks in Coleman Coliseum lasted all of two days, as UT left the same way they came in last night. Bama Hoops has your complete analysis, which includes a very alliterative header. Well-done, guys.
— EDSBS has a national recruiting piece, which includes a dynamite video of Julio Jones. Those guys might not be inclined to read The Wiz today, which details more about why Urban Meyer may be leading Florida down the primrose path into NCAA hot water. That sentence doesn't make sense, either.
— Speaking of coaches people hate, SMQ has an entry about Dick Rodriguez.
— Finally, Sunday will bring us one of the great events in American culture: Puppy Bowl IV, a day-long Animal Planet event that's essentially a running loop of puppies wrestling one another on a fake football field. Here's this year's starting lineup — place your bets now.


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