Saturday, February 16, 2008

follow-up note on Gottfried ...

I was bored tonight at work and reading through an old Simmons column about the coaching deficiencies of the Celtics' Doc Rivers. Just read something in there that made me think of Mark Gottfried.

See, it's not hard to tell when your coach stinks. You usually know when your players are constantly saying things like "We just need to sustain that intensity for four quarters," "We need to play the kind of defense we're capable of playing," "We can take big leads, now we need to learn how to keep them," "We're a young team, so we're still learning how to bring the same consistency every night," "We have to start getting stops," and my personal favorite, "We need to learn how to execute down the stretch."

All if it is B.S. All of it. Players from well-coached teams never say these things. If those fake quotes look familiar to you, or if that Milwaukee article looks eerily familiar to others that have been written about your own team, then your coach is underperforming and needs to leave.

Just saying.


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