Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wednesday youtube ...

Wanted to give you Chris Berman's famed flip-outs -- sadly, the evil that is ESPN has claimed "copyright" on them. Silly.

Just for the record: I don't like Berman as an on-air personality -- like many of the analysts at ESPN (Vitale, Corso, the entire NFL crew) Berman is almost entirely schtick at this point, and very little hard analysis. But these off-air vids prove very little, except that he gets frustrated with the people he's working with. Nothing wrong with that -- you should hear some of the things I've yelled at my co-workers (at least in my brain). He's a TV vet, and probably knows more about how to run things than anyone else. So I'm not at all perturbed by what's shown in these videos.
(UPDATE: The great folks at Deadspin still have all the videos, located here. Sweet.)

One other thing: Dan Patrick Radio is back at -- the show runs from 8-11 (CST) and they archive it by the hour, so it's easy to listen in the afternoon, as well.

In place of those great Berman videos, let's enjoy a classic vid of Coach Bryant talking down to a sideline reporter.


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