Friday, February 22, 2008


Stolen from Track 'Em (and yeah, I'm a 'Bama grad, but get over yourselves) ...

Top Ten Reasons Jeremy Elder Committed Armed Robbery

From the Home Office in Marietta, GA, War Eagle Atlanta's Top Ten Reasons Why Jeremy Elder Committed Armed Robbery on Campus at Tuscaloosa:
  1. Wanted to get more attention with all those blue chippers coming in.
  1. The Houndstooth cap made him do it.
  1. Just getting some extra workouts until spring drills start.
  1. Too far to walk to do it off-campus.
  1. $26 goes a long way at the student cafeteria.
  1. The bitch set him up!
  1. Wanted to move from strong safety to strong-armer.
  1. Wanted to start preparing for a life after football.
  1. Secret role model is Ryan Perrilloux.

And the number one reason:

  1. Lab practical for Criminology class...

And with that, an abbreviated links list for the evening.
— Capstone's been on fire lately; here's his list of reasons Alabama was a sub-par football team in 2007. The section about Wallace Gilberry is particularly eye-opening.
— Speaking of recruiting, exactly how is that new class going to fit? OTS can tell you — in fact, he will.
— SMQ gives us his theories about the NFL Draft.
— Finally, the sad story of professional basketball in Seattle, as told through the eyes of two local columnists, here and here.
(Note: I stole both these links from Simmons. I give credit where it's due.)


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