Sunday, February 24, 2008

a lost musical icon

One of the great musical pioneers died today, and I bet you never heard of him.

Larry Norman, one of the founders of contemporary Christian music (and, like me, thoroughly appalled with its direction over the past few years) lost his life early this morning, the victim of a lousy heart. My own personal Norman memories come from hours spent on the third floor at FUMC Opelika -- Rick, our youth minister, played his songs weekly. Even now, listening to his music takes me to high school.

Anyway, I wish I could've met him. I wish I could've talked to him. And I hope I'll see him in Heaven.


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musical elf said...

Man you hit the nail on the head " and I'll bet you never heard of him" ...the way that we treat those musical pioneers is so sad. Larry has put out cd's all these years and yet most of todays youth have no ides who he is....that is so sad. Check youtube or better yet...go to and buy a cd.

is a great link to learn about who he was and what he accomplished in hid lifetime. Larry Norman...RIP