Monday, July 14, 2008

for the curious ...

Per the SEC's official Web site, a list of who and when everybody's showing next week for Media Days.
(Note: I'm leaving out coaches' names. I assume y'all already know the coaches will be there.)

Florida: Tim Tebow (who else?), Phil Trautwein
Mississippi St.: Wesley Carroll, Jamar Chaney
LSU: Brett Helms, Tyson Jackson
(Note: If you happen to be there, and see Tyson Jackson, back away, slowly. I'm not kidding. Don't make any threatening gestures toward him, don't look at him closely ... just back away slowly, then run like hell as soon as you're out of sight. You'll thank me for this advice later.)
Vanderbilt: Reshard Langford, George Smith
Alabama: Antoine Caldwell, Rashad Johnson
(Note: First question to Rashad, "So ... wanna go to Legacy tonight?")
Georgia: Mohammed Massaquoi, Jeff Owens
Ole Miss: Peria Jerry, Michael Oher
Tennessee: Arian Foster, Adam Myers-White
Auburn: Jason Bosley, Sen'Derrick Marks
Kentucky: Jeremy Jarmon, Dicky Lyons, Jr.
Arkansas: Elston Forte, Jonathan Luigs
South Carolina: Jasper Brinkley, Kenny McKinley



-D. said...

Now that you've put it out there, you HAVE to ask that question of Rashad Johnson.

dbh said...

Oh that I could. Unfortunately (fortunately?) I'm going to be in New York City all next week celebrating my second wedding anniversary, and will miss the entirety of SEC Media Days.
I know, I know. What could've been?