Monday, July 28, 2008

you need coolin ... I ain't foolin

Activity is picking up all around the college football blogosphere this week, and with good reason -- football's nearly back, as evidenced by the searing heat and humidity that was already setting in at 9 a.m., on the tail end of our walk.
(For the record -- you haven't lived until you've walked three dogs at once. Seriously.)

Thus, it's necessary to provide you, the home reader, with a spate of links to tide you through a tedious Monday. Consider yourself warned.

-- ESPN's Pat Forde provides his readers with a healthy dose of "SEC Fans are crazy!!!!!" in this week's column. For the record, the whole "Fulmer subpeona" thing, while funny, is an exercise in silliness, one law firm trying to make a name for itself by drumming up a controversy that stopped being one sometime in 2003. Of course, because the firm's in Birmingham, the natural assumption will be that it's residual bitterness from Alabama fans. But I'll cede the point to Druid:
This lawsuit is not being brought by the University of Alabama, nor is it being brought by the fan base. In fact, Fulmer isn’t even a party to the case. This is Wendell whats-his-face from Chattanooga, TN suing the NCAA over his actions involved with former Tennessee player. Sure, it stems from the Alabama probation saga, but that is really the only tie to The University of Alabama.
Naturally, that didn't stop Senor CFB from saying Media Days should be moved to Atlanta. Gas prices hurting you there, Tony?
-- More Media Days stuff: Scarbo tells us a little about Nick Saban and the media. Psychology is a big issue. Also, The Wiz has the skinny on Bobby Petrino. Sort of.
-- With practice starting, Phil Marshall talks about the hell of two-a-days. It's not what it was, but it's still no fun. Also, Creg talks to Antoine Caldwell.
"There's no excuses to be made. That's how I feel. I've actually talked to the line about that, and realizing how much talent this offensive line has. There really is no weakness on this offensive line. If a hole's not there, you've got to make one. If there is a block to be made, you've got to make it. That's the concept we've been trying to put in this whole summer, that we've got to get it done one way or the other."
-- The JCCW has this fall's paperless SEC preview project.
-- I don't normally advertise myself too much here, but I'm posting a link to Sunday's column about visiting Yankee Stadium. It's an emotional topic, as you can tell.
-- Finally, Monday morning essentials: Peter King's MMQB (about guess who); Norman Chad's Couch Slouch; and EDSBS' weekend corrections.
Yesterday’s Curious Index reported that the Tennessee defensive staff have implemented a “back to basics” strategy with its younger secondary players to prepare them for high-profile SEC matchups, administering a quiz to all underclassmen asking them to differentiate between their asses and a hole in the ground. The actual test question is pictured below, asking them to differentiate between a hole in the ground and former Alabama receiver/backfield bane D.J. Hall. We regret the error.


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