Friday, July 18, 2008

weekend links

Something to do over your morning coffee, perhaps.

— EDSBS' corrections page is always a must-read.

— OTS breaks down the pass-happy SEC. Wait ... what? Yeah ... you heard the man.

— Ways you can tell college football is near: ESPN's bringing back "College Football Live." Lou Holtz saying ridiculous things? Sign me up, baby.

— A UT fan (God help him) examines the state of Vol rivalries. 'Bama he respects, Florida he hates ... Vandy ... meh.

— Colin Mickle from the O-A previews Georgia. Another "meh" article from a pretty "meh" writer.

— Raps has the skinny on a potential matchup between 'Bama and Va. Tech. Hokie, hokie, hokie, hi!

— Finally, Creg examines Alabama's numbers, hopefully for the last time. Until next year, I mean.


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