Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Little Brother's First Roundtable

What record would you consider "sufficient progress" in the coming season?

Sufficient progress could easily be reached with a record of 8-4 or 9-3, but since it is my senior year at the Capstone..........I think sufficient progress could also be a record of 1-11. Many fans unrealistically expect a national title every season, but I think that the majority of Tide fans would appreciate an 8-4 season as one with loads of progress. Whoever the Tide loses to, which I think will be in AK, GA, and at home against that dadgum school across the state, will truly determine how far the program has come in a year. If UA loses to Mississippi State again, I think I’m going to be driven to fight with everyone on the strip that night.

Does college football need a playoff? Why?

I’d like to see one put in place, but if the teams have to sacrifice part of their regular season in order to make room for the playoff, then there should not be one put in place.

If you're an Alabama fan and a native Alabamian, then more than likely you became a fan sometime between conception and the cutting of the cord, but what moment do you remember best as being "the moment" that you became an active participant in your fandom?

My older brother, the guy who actually writes this blog and the person who asked me to participate in the roundtable, went to Alabama for college. I grew up an Auburn fan in Opelika, AL and was surrounded by everything orange for the first 12 years of my life. I went to the Oklahoma vs. Alabama game in Tuscaloosa in 2003 with my father and sat on the 50 yard line about 12 rows up. Sitting there as a na├»ve 16 year old kid, I heard 86,818 people stand up and scream when Coach Bryant’s voice echoed throughout Bryant-Denny…………as the chill bumps ran up and down my spine, I knew that this was the place for me.

What rule change would you most like see implemented?

I don’t know about the rule changes that I’d like to see implemented, but I would like to see the referees stop babying quarterbacks. I’m so tired of seeing QBs get hit and then have a penalty called because the defender led with his head! They’re wearing pads for a reason. There is absolutely no reason for QBs to be treated any differently than other players.

---I made it through my first roundtable! I hope that it doesn't suck.

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