Friday, November 28, 2008

just win, 'Bama

For tomorrow, forget about Florida. Florida doesn't matter.

For tomorrow, forget about the BCS. The BCS doesn't matter.

Forget about Oklahoma, Texas, Texas Tech, USC and whoever else might lay claim to a national title this season. None of that matters on Saturday.

Forget about style points. Style points simply don't enter into the equation when you're talking about this game. Besides that, Auburn has too much talent and too much pride to get blown out by its in-state rival.

Focus only on what needs to be done. Win the game. Take back the state. Get it done.

There are no more excuses. Alabama is the better team. Alabama has better personnel on offense. Alabama has better personnel on defense. Alabama has a better punter and placekicker. Alabama has better coaches.

Forget about the 11 games you've won this season. They don't matter anymore. Georgia, LSU, Arkansas, Clemson ... all of it is immaterial. Beating Auburn is all that matters this weekend -- ending the streak, exorcising the demon ... whatever you call it, it needs to be done and done with authority on Saturday.

Most importantly, forget about what I think. I don't matter. This disjointed blog doesn't matter. A "Lost" Friday doesn't matter. Thursday lines don't matter.

Let's just finish this thing and move on. In the words of Tony from "Rocky IV," now you're the one. So do it. Do it.

Roll Tide, Roll.

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Tessie said...

The Tide DID Roll tonight! WooHoo! Do you know what the 'Bama fans were shouting after the game? Please share.

Roll Tide Roll!