Thursday, November 20, 2008

Line(s) forms just to the right

This week's lines come to us, as always, from As always, we don't encourage gambling, particularly on college football. It's a good way to become poor.

Miami (+3.5) at Ga. Tech
(Note: Thank God for Tech fans -- according to this story from the AJC, the university had planned for a "white out" in tonight's game, only it's likely the fans won't do it because it's "silly." Let's hope this becomes a trend.)
Fresno St. (-3.5) at San Jose St.
Army (+19) at Rutgers
Clemson (-2.5) at Virginia
Indiana (+12.5) at Purdue
Michigan (+21) at Ohio St.
(Note: Obviously, anytime you turn over a coaching staff, there are some growing pains, and the team will struggle a little -- for further evidence, see last year's Alabama team in November. On the other hand, I'm not certain this Michigan team has ANY acceptable excuse for losing 9 games. Seriously.)
West Virginia (-7) at Louisville
NC State (+11) at North Carolina
Tennessee (+3) at Vanderbilt
(Note: God bless Vandy. Also, they could still very easily get to 8 wins -- they have this game and Wake Forest left on the schedule, and both are very winnable.)
Arkansas (-1) at Mississippi St.
Syracuse (+20) at Notre Dame
Washington (-7) at Washington St.
Ole Miss (+4) at LSU
Illinois (-3) at Northwestern
Michigan St. (+14.5) at Penn St.
BYU (+7) at Utah
(Note: Arguably the best game of the day. And you think I'm kidding.)
East Carolina (-6.5) at UAB
(Note: Remember the beginning of the season, when ECU was looming as the potential spoiler in the Big East? Now they're giving less than a touchdown at sorry UAB? And we've all agreed not to talk about it, apparently?)
Texas Tech (+7) at Oklahoma

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Peter said...

Two more reasons to love Tech fans - "Tech alum Daniel Fogal of Tucker said he will wear a white sweatshirt and a white hat and said he’d wear white jeans if his wife would let him."

And then another guy's proposal - "I was telling one of my friends that if we wanted to do something original, we should have a geekout and have a football game at the library,” Pritchett said, “because that’s where everyone is, anyway. It’d be a guaranteed sellout.”