Thursday, November 13, 2008

line, please ...

Once again, we're back with Thursday's lines, once again courtesy of As always, we remind you that the site's proprietors don't gamble — at least, I don't — and we don't encourage anyone else to do so, either. Although if you do, refer to us first. Just saying.
(Also, if you have a few minutes and need a lark, my post at is now up. Notice all the Aubs whose back hair goes immediately up when I mention the similarities between Auburn '04 and Alabama '08. It's comical, really.)
Onward, then.

Va. Tech (+4.5) at Miami
Cincinnati (-3.5) at Louisville
Duke (+11) at Clemson
Notre Dame (-4) at Navy
Georgia (-9) at Auburn
(Note: I love Auburn in this game. Don't ask me why.)
Texas (-13.5) at Kansas
UAB (+5.5) at Tulane
Wake Forest (-3.5) at N.C. State
Minnesota (+14) at Wisconsin
Nebraska (-7) at Kansas St.
South Carolina (+23) at Florida
(Note: Love the Gamecocks' line here, as well. Remember the last time Florida was giving this many points at home in a conference game? It was against Auburn. Yeah ...)
Texas A&M (+8) at Baylor
Missouri (-28) at Iowa St.
UConn (-10) at Syracuse
USC (-23.5) at Stanford
Mississippi St. (+22) at Alabama
(Note: There are few certainties in life, but one of them is this: no circumstances exist in which this Alabama team should ever be giving this many points against any other SEC team. I mean, ever.)
Boston College (+7) at Florida St.
Troy (+18) at LSU
Vanderbilt (+4) at Kentucky
Oklahoma St. (-7) at Colorado
UCLA (-7) at Washington

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