Friday, November 7, 2008

a "Lost" Friday with Thursday lines

Offering apologies for thin posting during such an important week would be puerile. Nevertheless, here are weekend lines, courtesy of

Ohio St. (-11) at Northwestern
Wisconsin (-10) at Indiana
Ga. Tech (+4) at North Carolina
Purdue (+10) at Michigan St.
Louisville (+6) at Pitt
Michigan (+8.5) at Minnesota
Baylor (+28) at Texas
Georgia (-13) at Kentucky
Arkansas (+13.5) at South Carolina
Iowa St. (+9.5) at Colorado
Kansas (PICK) at Nebraska
Oklahoma (-28) at Texas A&M
Virginia (+3.5) at Wake Forest
Clemson (+4) at Florida St.
Penn St. (-8) at Iowa
NC St. (+3.5) at Duke
Alabama (-3.5) at LSU
Notre Dame (+3.5) at Boston College
Florida (-24) at Vanderbilt
Oklahoma St. (+4) at Texas Tech
Cal (+22.5) at US
As for the "Lost" element of the site, I'll cede that today to the obsessed fans on youtube:

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