Friday, February 13, 2009

links are always good luck

Before we go on, a quick old movie trailer:

Original, and still the best.

The posting schedule here hasn't been nearly as regular (obviously) since the end of football season -- hopefully we can settle into something resembling a routine soon.
And part of that routine means book-ending each week with links around the sporting world. Today's links have distinct Alabama flavor. Because that's how we roll around here.

-- First off, looking ahead to 2009: BSR has a quick glance at the offense, as well as the defense. While we're here, TidefaninTN breaks up the monotony of Vol posts at 3sib for a momentary glimpse at Alabama's quarterbacking situation in '09.
(One note about 3sib: if you have a minute, scroll down their list of posts and read a recent defense of Lane Kiffin. My favorite among those: "maybe he hasn't succeeded at anything, but he hasn't yet falied at anything, either." Does that sound an awful lot like Mike Shula? I thought so. This should turn out great.)
-- RBR checks in with a look at scheduling games in Atlanta, and how it affects recruiting.
-- Andre Smith's agent speaks up for his client. Honestly, the coda for Andre's career at Alabama deserved better than this.
-- Alabama hockey. No, really. And they're pretty good, too.

-- With spring training starting soon, Chop Talk discusses the Braves, Tom Glavine and left field.

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