Wednesday, February 11, 2009

"Lost"-blogging, 5.4 ... now with more SPOILERS

In this blog's ongoing effort to understand what's taking place on ABC's "Lost," we present to you our minute-by-minute notes from tonight's episode, tentatively titled "This Place is Death." Feel free to play along at home. Also, if you haven't seen the episode yet and are planning on watching the episode later, either online or DVR, PLEASE STOP READING NOW AS SPOILERS ARE ABOUT TO OCCUR.
(And one more also: if you're reading this now and wondering how I'll do this, finish dinner and watch UNC-Duke, well, so am I.)
(All times CST)
8:01: Aha! So that's where Sun's baby is! I was beginning to think something bad had happened to him to turn sun into this cold-blooded assassin. Still not entirely of what is her motivation, or for whom she's working.
8:03: Still waiting to figure out how Ben knows about the goings-on on the Island.
8:04: Ah. Cute submarine joke in French.
8:05: Imagine being Jin and waking up in the middle of this mess. It'd be like waking up in "The Twilight Zone."
8:06: Alexander. Boy, is that dude going to be disappointed. And also, didn't Ben claim to be the father of that girl? And he wasn't he, like, really, REALLY unhappy when that dude killed her last season?
8:07: Smokey's on the prowl.
8:11: As the idiotic French people run from the Smoke Monster, tonight's episode is apparently going to revolve around Jin and Sun, and their lives since the Oceanic 6 fled the Island.
8:14: At some point, someone has to define the rules of time travel for me: either you can change history or you can't, or you can't travel through time, but not with your clothes. Or you can't take anything with you. Or something.
8:17: That's the first explanation I've ever heard regarding the Monster. She's not buying it, by the way.
8:24: Here's where things get interesting: Jin told Charlotte very specifically to get his wife on the helicopter, so she could leave. And now Locke (and Ben) say they have to come back.
8:25: Is anybody cooler with a gun in his face than Ben Linus? And another thing: has anybody good ever ridden around in a giant panel van?
8:27: Still no indication as to why exactly the people who get temporal sickness get it, and the rest don't.
8:28: Oh great. She's speaking in tongues. And now she says don't bring her back. So should they come back or not?
8:34: Ben's agenda remains ambiguous. He keeps saying he's doing things for the Island, but he appears to working for his own. Contrast that to the survivors, who have been working for one another ever since all this started.
8:36: Maybe Juliet shouldn't have spoken so soon.
8:37: The pieces of Charlotte's puzzle are quickly coming together: why she speaks Korean, why she knows so much about the Island and so forth.
8:39: Aw crap, Daniel is the crazy man, right?
8:44: Fair question: on the list of "people who have to come back" to the Island, is Jin's baby included?
8:47: Um, well ... I'm not sure I could explain what just happened.
8:54: Looking at John Locke's leg just made me cry.
8:56: Another thing Ben told somebody was apparently wrong. Who knew? Also, still no real indication as to why Christian Shepherd is the representation of Jacob we keep seeing.
8:59: The chances that Ben is the one who killed John Locke are roughly 95-99 percent.
9:00: Possibly the first time I've ever seen Ben look quizzical about something.
9:01: Back in the room with the creepy woman who gives everybody weird looks from underneath a hood. Something tells me she doesn't have everybody's best interests at heart.
(End of Show)
After four episodes in the fifth season, three large questions remain unanswered:
-- Who's working for whom in this rather poorly-drawn out play?
-- Which side is the right side to be on?
-- Most importantly, do they need to go back to the Island? Or not?

Discuss amongst yourselves.

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