Thursday, February 5, 2009

thoughts on Signing Day, follow-up

For me, the same thing happens every February: I say I don't care about recruiting, don't care about National Signing Day, will refuse to pay attention to all the pomp and idiocy. It doesn't work -- I always wind up checking a blog or Web site to check the progress, turn on the radio briefly to hear what's going on, wind up caring deeply about it for about 10 minutes ... then I realize what's going on and wind up hating myself for not sticking to what I said originally. I guess my point is that it would be foolish to say, "I don't care, it's stupid and you're stupid if you DO care" in regards to recruiting and National Signing Day, because (obviously) good recruiting is the lifeblood of championship football programs.
Anyway, here are links in the aftermath of what appears to have been another great NSD in Tuscaloosa.

-- A full recap, courtesy of BSR. Cecil has the best perspective on things, once again. For a national perspective, read Dr. Saturday.
-- And, of course, Auburn declared victory yesterday as well. Jerry at the JCCW has the best look at that.

And with that, I'm out for the day. We'll try to have some "Lost" thoughts up tomorrow. Keep checking and TBL for more.

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