Friday, May 15, 2009

Friday: faith my eyes

Today for the Friday link-fest, we begin with one of my favorite songs in any genre: Derek Webb's Faith My Eyes. I still have a difficult time listening to it sans emotion.
(Apologies because the vid picks up a little late.)

And just like that, we're off for the weekend. After this, I mean.
— First, of course, I have to plug myself and my own column, which dwells on baseball and its continued effort to antagonize its fans.
— We'll begin on the baseball diamond, where Auburn outlasted 'Bama last night at 3-name stadium ("HitchcockFieldatSamfordStadiumatPlainsmanPark"). The loss snaps the Tide's eight-game win streak, and probably torpedoes any hopes of winning the SEC title in the regular season. Not that anybody will really care once the tournaments start, obviously. In the current TCBB regional projections, 'Bama would go to Clemson as a #2.
— Your Way Too Premature Preview Links: Dr. Saturday talks about 'Bama football in 2009; Tony Barnhart gives us an early Top 25. Meanwhile, Chris Low tells us what work there is to do this summer for three SEC squads.
— Nick Saban, of course, spoke to the press yesterday at the Bruno's Classic (or whatever it is). Among the topics: Prince Hall, who's "off the team." Word.
— Jerry at the JCCW gives us more on the no-huddle and whether it gives David an advantage against Goliath.
— A possible coaching war of words lurking in the shadows: Spurrier v. Meyer. Also, Tubs found himself a job for this fall.
— Your required link to Braves baseball: Chop Talk attempts to reinvent bullpen statistics.
— Finally, one link that has little to do with anything: TBL gives us the best ring entrances of all-time. Not surprisingly ... the greatest of all-time is right at the top.

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Peter said...

I don't know if it will help sell your coworker or any others, but anyone who is a fan of the "fight the man" rejection of the status quo, Derek Webb is currently in a legal battle with his record company resulting in him taking down all official web presence. I have no clue all of the details, but I know he's been involved in efforts to give his albums away for free previously and also in advertising Noisetrade, a service where people can either pay for an album or email several friends to help advertise the album.

So that might be something to keep an eye on for anyone interested in Derek Webb, or anyone hoping to avoid Will showing up at your house singing "Ballad of San Francisco" in the middle of the night.