Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday links: afternoon delight

No witty opening today — little busy at the moment. Links!

— Melick rightly wonders if Mike Slive shouldn't muzzle his coaches, for the good of the league. One thing we can all be proud of: Nick Saban and Gene Chizik are NOT on the list of coaches who opened their mouths. At least not directly. It's important for the coaches to avoid the news in May as much as the players.
— Follow the leader: says UK basketball should follow Nick Saban's success model; Knoxville columnist wonders if UT football shouldn't follow Florida's model.
— Former and future: 'Bama picked up an OL commitment last week; and here's your obligatory "John Parker Wilson's gonna make the team!" story, before he gets cut in July.
— List of fit football coaches. Saban and Kiffin are on the list. Let's hope this is the last time those two are on the same list.
— The BCS hired JC Watts to lobby for its cause. Why? EDSBS has the story.
— Why the spread = the full-court press, per JCCW.
— Tidefan breaks down NCAA 2010.
— Finally, diamond-shaped things: 'Bama softball is hosting a regional; and baseball is lurking in the SEC title race with one series left (give you a hint: AWBS!) this weekend.

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