Wednesday, May 6, 2009

lost-blogging: follow the leader

Welcome back to "Lost-blogging," my stupid running segment where I waste an entire blog entry and most of your time with an entire entry of running thoughts throughout an episode of ABC's most confusing show. As always, stay away if you haven't watched the episode ... SPOILER ALERT.
(All times CDT.)
8:02: Does the horse-rider who just came out of the vegetation look a lot like Sawyer? Also, that's definitely Widmore with the gun on Jack right now.
8:03: Crap -- I missed the diary entry. What did it say?
8:04: Bingo on the Charles thing. Also, young Eloise knows an awful lot about what's going on.
(Flash forward)
8:05: Locke brings a boar out of the jungle, just like he did back in Season 1.
8:06: "I have a purpose now."
8:07: As per the course this season, it appears we're headed for another head-scratching episode about time control.
(intr0, break)
(Note during the break: Multiple potential distractions during tonight's episode. For one thing, the Celtics are playing, although they're winning comfortably because that's the way the NBA wants it to be, and it's the same for LA. Also, the Braves have actually scored a few runs, a welcome change after the two-game suckfest at home against the Mets. Worse, Josey Wales is currently showing. My all-time favorite Eastwood movie is going head-to-head with the best show on TV right now. No idea what's going to happen.)

8:10: The resurrected John Locke is head-strong and cock-sure ... or is it the other way around?
8:11: Dr. Jensen enjoyed discussing how this season has mirrored Season 2 ... and here Jack and Kate are in captivity, just like they were at the end of ... well, Season 2.
8:12: The logic of controlling fate is so thick here: if Eloise knows all this is going to happen, how could she set her son on such a suicidal path?
8:14: Classic exchange here: "Does he know what he's talking about?" ... "He thinks he does."
8:15: Sawyer's in captivity too ... just like at the end of Season 2. And he's staring at the same monitors, watching Kate ... just like Jack in Season 3.

8:21: Sawyer's bleeding: eerily reminiscent of Linus' captivity in Season 2.
8:22: Cut to Hurley stealing food from a pantry that looks an awful lot like the hatch from Season 2, and being chased by an Asian dude.
8:23: Miles is the master of inevitability. "There's nothing we can do."
8:24: Dr. Chang is apparently intrigued by the time-travel idea. And also that Miles is his son. Lots of daddy issues floating around here.
8:25: 'Nother classic "Lost" cutaway: "Let's hope he knows what he's doing" ... followed by a shot of dead Daniel.
8:25: Recall what Locke said earlier this season -- how all the pain he's endured made him what he is today. Now compare that with Jack and Kate's conversation about their lives together in this episode. "Not all of it was misery" ... "But enough of it was."
8:27: "The plane," in this case, might be Mr. Eko's drug plane.
8:27: And it is.
8:28: Now we know how Richard knew where Locke was earlier this season, and how Richard knew Locke would have to die. Fantastic.
Still don't know how LOCKE knew all this yet, though.
(Note during the break: Jeff Francoeur, as the first batter of the 7th inning against a new pitcher, saw four pitches, swung at all of them and bounced out. He isn't one iota better as a baseball player than he was when he came up in 2005. Inexplicable.)

8:33: Ben asks the question we wanted to know. "The Island told me," is the apparent answer.
8:34: This is the first time in the show's history when Richard was afraid of anything.
8:36: Not sure what just happened there.
8:36: Kate can't swim, can she?
8:37: It's Sayid! Word!

8:43: Jack just used the word "destiny."
8:45: "Sawyer always has a plan, right?"
8:46: Interesting moment here for Sawyer. He's happy to be off the Island now?
8:47: This appears to be the basement of the Temple, where Ben was judged by the Monster. Which reminds me: are we about to find out what the Monster is?
8:49: Is Richard the same as John Locke?
8:51: Very bold move by Locke here. He's much more of a Populist leader. "I'm startin' to think John Locke is gonna be trouble."

8:56: Does anybody think these two are really leaving? Somehow I don't.
8:57: In walks the Other Woman. And right after they'd made a declaration of love and everything. Dude.
8:58: Cheesy computer animation on the sub as it leaves. Kind of lame.
8:59: Completely racist thought: do you think the Iraqi soldier knows how to detonate the H-bomb?
9:00: John Locke appears very Moses-like leading these folks, doesn't he?
9:01: Wait ... what?
(Note: "Wait ... what?" is the only proper response to every episode of this show at this point.)
(end of episode)

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