Friday, May 1, 2009

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It's been a week since my last post, and I have no valid reasons for it other than it's been really busy around here. It's been a remarkable week of sports, beginning and ending with the Bulls-Celtics first-round playoff series, something very few people saw coming. I won't even try to describe what's happened — that's for the better writers like Mike Wilbon and Bill Simmons to do. But it's pretty incredible. I can't wait to see what happens in Game 7 — I grew up a Celtics fan, but part of me doesn't even really care who wins, only that we see one more transcendent game.

Anyway, here's a few links to get you through the weekend. Beginning, of course, with more Derek Webb — this one is actually my favorite of all his work, a song called "Lover."

— The biggest in-state story of the week has been the "Tiger Prowl," either the greatest or the lamest effort for in-state recruiting since Ed Orgeron inexplicably snatched off his shirt. Coach Saban, predictably, has ducked the matter thus far. Jerry Hinton at the JCCW offers up a half-hearted defense of the concept, and Gump 4 Heisman outdoes itself with its own take on the matter.
What was that Bammer? You are adding onto your stadium again? I'm sorry, I couldn't hear you. The windows in my magnetic limo were rolled up.
Do your hear that bammer? That's the sound of us renting limos.
When my kid turns 16, he ain't getting no Jeep. He's getting a ... limo. ... Why? Cause he's an Auburn Tiger.

— One story that slipped mostly under the radar this week; Woodrow Lowe was named an inductee to the College Football Hall of Fame. My dad once told me he'd played against Woodrow while he was in high school at Enterprise — later on, he admitted he hadn't actually played in the game because of a bout with mono. But still ... he was a contemporary.
While Woodrow's induction is definitely in the "win" column, a number are still left out, according to Christopher Walsh. And as Dr. Saturday points out, if they're serious about Geno Torretta, then there's one rather large name that needs to go in as well.

— RBR gives us its summer reading list. I can claim about half those.
— Your requisite preview of the weekend in SEC baseball. The tournament is right around the corner.
— Mike Hampton is coming back to Atlanta this weekend ... thankfully, it's not because the Braves owe him any money. Do you think he collected paychecks with a straight face the last two seasons? I would have a hard time, wouldn't you?
— Finally, Joe Posnanski has a fantastic time lambasting the Snuggie. God bless you, Joe.

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